Depth & Gingival Gauge

Depth & Gingival Gauge

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Mead Mallet

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Mead Mallet

Small Dental Surgical Mallet

18,26 $

Small stainless steel dental surgical mallets with solid handle for oral surgery.

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Small Dental Mallet made from stainless steel. So it comes with solid handle for oral surgery. Supplied with replaceable faces in Teflon®. So these Teflon® minimize vibrations. Dental Mallets are used with a chisel to split teeth and used to remove bone.

Manufactured for optimal results and precision.

Fully guaranteed against defect in workmanship and material.

It is made from premium quality AISI 420 medical grade stainless steel.

High degree of flexibility and precision while conducting the clinical procedure.

High degree of aesthetic and corrosion resistance.

Product totally conformed to CE marked, ISO 9001, FDA, and ISO 13485 standards.


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