P24G Periosteal Elevator

P24G Periosteal Elevator

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Sinus Lift Instrument

18,26 $
Sinus Lift Instrument

PR-3 Prichard Periosteal Elevator

25,95 $

PR-3 Prichard Periosteal Elevator is used for reflecting and retracting the mucoperiosteal.

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PR3 Prichard Periosteal Elevator is a double ended instrument that is designed with a large handle to ensure secure instrument control. Surgical grade stainless steel promotes instrument’s longevity and corrosion resistance. PR3 Prichard Periosteal Elevator has unique, large diameter and very light weight handle for the maximum comfort, reduced hand fatigue and increased control.

Features of PR-3 Prichard Periosteal Elevator:

Made of medical-grade German stainless steel.
Passivation procedure performed to prevent rust and corrosion resistance.
Non-sterile, reusable and autoclavable.
Form test, boiling test and performance test carried out.
Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Packaged in an elegant PVC pouch.

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