Hegar Uterine Dilator Set

Hegar Uterine Dilator Set

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Lateral Vaginal Retractor

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Lateral Vaginal Retractor

Hank Uterine Dilators Set

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Hank Uterine Dilators Set includes 6 double end dilators. Hank Uterine Dilators are rounded at the ends to measure dilation or induce dilation of the uterus. The rounded ends are slightly angled from the handle. Hank Uterine Dilators have a full millimeter size on one end and a half-millimeter size on the other for smooth dilation. The dilators are available in various width sizes to accommodate a wide range of cases.

Set includes sizes 4.5mm/5mm, 5.5mm/6mm, 6.5mm/7mm, 7.5mm/8mm, 8.5mm/9mm, and 9.5mm/10mm
FREE Carrying Case
Completely sterilizable

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Technical Specifications – Hank Uterine Dilators Set:

Material: Premium Quality German Stainless Steel
Specialty: Gynecology & Obstetrics
Overall Length: 10-1/4″ (26.0 cm)
Finish: Polish
Rust Prevention Procedure: Passivated
Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes
Sterile or Non-Sterile: Non-Sterile
Disposable or Reusable: Reusable
Autoclavable: Yes
Tests Performed: Shape Test, Boil Test and Performance Test
Packing: Carrying Case Packing
QC Passed: Yes

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