Implant Drills with Tissue Punches

Implant Drills with Tissue Punches


Grisdale Bone Condenser #1

29,95 $
Grisdale Bone Condenser #1

Gracey Curette Set

123,54 $

Gracey curettes are designed to adapt to a specific area or tooth surface and are used for deep scaling, root planning and periodontal debridement. Offset blade provides a perfect working angulation for the tooth surface and only the lower cutting edge of each blade is used. Orange Gracey curettes are optimal tools for clinicians seeking low-maintenance dental instruments that offer excellent precision and long-lasting sharpness.

Orange standard Gracey curettes have a 1.1 mm terminal shank diameter and blades that are 0.9 mm wide and 4 mm long. Using Orange Gracey curettes will reduce tissue trauma, minimize lateral pressure and reduce the number of strokes required during a procedure.

Ergonomic anodized silver handles with 8mm diameter for better grip and precision.

Gracey Curette Set includes:
1/2 , 3/4 , 5/6 , 7/8 , 9/10 , 11/12 , 13-14

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Gracey curettes application chart

Features of Gracey Curettes:

Made of medical-grade German stainless steel and silver.
Passivation procedure performed to prevent rust and corrosion resistance.
Non-sterile, reusable and autoclavable.
Form test, boiling test and performance test carried out.
Free sterilization cassette
Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Packaged in an elegant, fully recyclable cardboard box.

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