Orange Diagnostic Instruments have a proven track record of quality and durability in even the most demanding practice. You will find a complete selection of industry standard patterns as well as some unique designs that will improve the diagnosis procedure experience for the practitioner and the patient. All the instruments are available in 8 & 10mm handles

  • Explorers

    Explorers (4)

    Explorers Explorers are used to examine teeth for decay (caries), calculus and other abnormalities. They have thin, flexible tips that taper to a sharp point and come in various single end and double end patterns. All Orange explorer tips are made from spring tempered stainless steel and are machine ground to exacting tolerances. Each tip is then hand sharpened and…
  • Probes

    Probes (11)

    Probes Probes are used to measure periodontal pocket depth in millimeter increments. All Orange Probe tips are made from spring tempered stainless steel and machine ground to exacting tolerances. The millimeter measurements are precisely cut into the Probe tips. Color coding is applied to Probes under extreme temperatures so that the color penetrates the surface of the tip. All tips…
  • Expros

    Expros (8)

    Expros Expros are double ended instruments with an explorer on one end and a probe on the other. Excellent for dental examinations and charting.