Brewer Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps

Brewer Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps

25,62 $

Rubber Dam Frame

6,13 $8,14 $

Ivory Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps

25,62 $

Ivory Rubber Dam Forceps are used to place and hold rubber dam clamps, allowing you to access teeth in any part of the mouth. The innovative design includes a smooth spring, which enables the easy removal and placement of clamps, while the locking ring allows you to hold the forceps in any position.

Product Details:

Total length 17cm.
Handcrafted to precise dimensions.
Reliable and durable.
Completely sterilizable.

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Technical Specifications – Ivory Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps

Material: Premium Quality German Stainless Steel
Specialty: Dental, Endodontic. Restorative
Rust Prevention Procedure: Passivated
Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes
Sterile or Non-Sterile: Non-Sterile
Disposable or Reusable: Reusable
Autoclavable: Yes
Tests Performed: Shape Test, Boil Test and Performance Test
Packing: Individually Packed
QC Passed: Yes

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