Saliva Ejector

Saliva Ejector


Lucas 85

Lucas 85

Bone Collector


This aspirator performs 2 function i.e. suction and bone collection simultaneously.

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The bone material accumulating during implant base preparation may be systematically collected with the tip of the suction tube. As the opening of the suction tip has a diameter of 3 mm, even larger chips can be removed easily, without any risk of obstruction. Advantages of using bone collector systems include: collects usable bones during implant drilling; reduces the need for extra surgery for collecting bone graft material; saves bone graft material; saves surgery time.
The housing, which contains the collecting filter, provides an extremely pleasant grip feel, lying snugly in the user’s hand. The special form of the filter permits for easy removal of the autologous bone material being collected. The durable stainless steel filter can be autoclaved for multiple use. Thanks for using the top-quality materials and the sophisticated, gapless design of the bone trap, all parts involved may be machine-processed by thermodin factor and all customary sterilization methods can be used as well

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